Founders, your mental health matters. 

Being an entrepreneur is lonely.

You feel that you need to have it figured out, and be the person your team turn to when crisis happens even you actually panic inside. You feel you need to put on a brave face even most of the time you feel you just barely keep your head above the water. You feel burn out, depleted or even depressed as not enough things go to plan. Maybe your personal life have suffered. Does any of these sound familiar to you?

The journey of entrepreneurship is a tough one. Our emotional wellbeing is hit hard as we go through the uncertainty and the constant ups & downs. The journey may have been lonely, but it doesn't need to stay that way.

It's okay to be not okay. And it's okay to talk about it .

We are Trives for Founders: a new initiative of entrepreneur network that focus on your emotional wellbeing.

We run regular meet-ups with group coaching so you can talk about your challenges in a safe space.

The membership is 100% free.

We want every entrepreneur to take part in our mutiny to openly talk about feelings. Joining the network is absolutely free. We ask for a small fee for our group coaching meet-ups so we can keep the operation running only if you are attending.

The first meet-up coming soon in central London!

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