Make your mentoring programme more effective with less work.


Making sure the members of your organisation get the professional support they need internally in order to progress in their career takes efforts. The bigger your organisation grows, the harder it is to match mentors with mentees manually. Not to mention tracking the outcome of all the mentorships can be a nightmare! Enough of the inefficiency, let Trives Connect help you manage your mentoring programme so it's happy day for everyone. Trives is more than about connecting individuals with coaches. We help organisations connect their members with their mentor network too!


How does Trives Connect work?

Send us a spreadsheet with info of your mentors.

We set up an online portal for your organisation.

Your members find and connect with the mentors on the portal.

We track how the mentorship is going and encourage max engagement.

You evaluate the effectiveness of your mentoring programme via KPI reporting. 


  • From £600 per month (up to 10 users).

  • Free setup.

  • Easy to upgrade.

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