The people platform that helps your space come alive.

We human beings want belonging and being understood. Our communities have helped us thrived since tribal time, and in the time we live in, there's no difference.

If there's a platform that gives you a tool to understand the people who use your space, and a means for them to find belonging within your community so to increase loyalty, would you not want to give it a go?

Facilitating new collaborations  & connections is so easy in your space with Trives.

Meaningful connections made possible through common ground & data!

People are wonderful, yet we know so little about them. On Trives, that's a very different story. Trives enable your members to easily discover the amazing people of their community, and connect with them with full clarity.

The other cool thing we do is that we turn your member info into actionable insights for you so you can have a data-driven approach to community growing.



The benefits 

For Your Community

For You

Connect with people who are in the same physical space.

Meet people who share the same personal interests.

Facilitate member collaborations & interactions in one simple platform.

Understand & support the needs of the community through data.

Schedule & host events that your community will love.

Collaborate with those who can help their projects.

Contribute back to the community with their skills, knowledge & experiences.

Find those who simply want to grab coffee together in the same building.

Reduce churn rate through building a stronger community that engage.

Improve customer retention by knowing what make your members tick.

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