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Life coach who specialises in helping individuals get unstuck and live balanced and fulfilled lives.

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Ambica, Product Consultant, Super Being Labs

I had many positive breakthroughs during our sessions and Vix always took the time and interest to support me in between. She is a fantastic coach and wonderful person to have on your side.

Rosie, Programme Coordinator, North London Cares

Vix's active listening skills, openness and empathetic style make her a brilliant coach and fantastic person to talk to. Having spoken to Vix during a period of change and confusion after our conversation I was left feeling more a peace and with a clearer head.

Natasha, Project Manager

have gained so much confidence and self-esteem. Previously, I didn’t realise how I have a tendency to give myself a hard-time through negative thinking. Once we identified the triggers for this and also solutions on how to stop it – I have really seen a difference!

About the coach

Vix helps people who feel frustrated, disorganised or overwhelmed, like they have untapped potential, stuck in a rut, or are going around in circles live balanced and fulfilled lives. People who work with her learn how to recognise what is good enough, how to take the small steps towards big goals, and to let go of the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are no longer serving them. She help people learn to listen and live in tune with their natural rhythms, get clear on their values, vision and the things that are important to them, to manage their energy, not their time.


Drawing on nearly 15 years' experience of working in the military, project management, and operations, she can help you get stuff done. She has gone through two major career transitions, so she has first-hand experience of figuring out a new direction in life and making her dreams a reality. She's also a qualified yoga teacher and believe in the importance of looking after your mind, body, environment and soul.

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