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Life coach who specialises in working with people who have the burning desire to live a life with purpose.

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Mickael, Customer Service Manager

In addition to being a great listener, Marie was always "pushing" me with questions, always making me question myself to find an answer: in my case, due to my personality, that was really helpful and it worked really well for me.

Alan, Housing Professional

Her questions and curiosity helped me to understand the limitations I have in my trading and more importantly how these concerns show up throughout my life. I am working hard to overcome this and feel I am in a better place than I was 3 months ago.

Regis, IT manager

We began by tackling general work issues, but progressively moved to bigger issues, which taught me a lot about myself and helped me start discovering my own path.

About the coach

For over 15 years, Marie worked with a series of entrepreneurial SMEs in the Arts and Creative industries. Her role were varied - ranging from product-design through to setting up whole exhibitions. Yet looking back there was a consistent thread: in each role she would gain a deep understanding of the organisation before developing new systems and processes to unleash their potential.


In 2012, she got her first taste of coaching and saw first-hand how it helped her to understand her own potential and equipped her to take the first steps she needed to set her life on a new course. When her career later reached a crossroads, she realised that starting a new career in coaching was a natural development.


In 2016 she set up her own coaching practice to help people see the world as an engine for growth not a vehicle of limitations. She work with people from all walk of life. What they all have in common is the burning desire to live a life with purpose. 


She believes that it’s never too late to create the lifestyle and career you really want to have.

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