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Lynda Russell-Whitaker


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Executive coach with a focus on supporting people to overcome their nerves and fear of speaking in public.

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Eva, Author and Sales Advisor

Lynda creates trust and intimacy and has an active and powerful listening. She asks the right questions at the right time. She helped raise my awareness, so that I became clear within myself about what I wanted to work on and design the best actions for myself.

Lucia, Senior Lecturer, University of Winchester

My communication skills were greatly enhanced by her unique training. Lynda works holistically with the client’s personality in relation to their professional demands and my experience of working with her was a great pleasure.

Mel, Arts Marketing Consultant

Lynda is a joy to work with: she's smart, engaging, honest and supportive. She's also a very quick, creative thinker, able to make useful intellectual and practical suggestions. She is clearly an expert who knows her stuff and it’s a pleasure to recommend her.

About the coach

Lynda's current focus is on supporting people to overcome their nerves and fear of speaking in public. However, she thinks of herself as having a toolkit, choosing what's most suitable for each client and the challenges they want to work on at that particular time.


A Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP™ for ten years, she began to focus on advising individuals (and team members) in the area of persuasive messages, arguments and public speaking around 2008, alongside her digital media consulting work. She recently joined the ICF, having invested in a professional coaching skills programme early last year. Her background in project managing commercial web site builds and e-learning tools spans almost 20 years. This has engendered a lasting passion for technology and is a sector with which she has a particular affinity.

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