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Life coach who specialises in helping individuals achieve their life, relationship & career goals.

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John, Public Relations

Kenny’s help has been priceless. He helped me achieve, in one day, what traditional therapeutic and superficial personal development fads failed to achieve in several years.

Tony, Psychologist / Therapist

As a psychologist and therapist for many years, I have plenty of experience of therapy and I reckon Kenny as a great mentor – a guy who walks his talk

Jamie, e-Marketeer

He’s allowed me to really think big and picture what future outcomes I would really like to happen and helped me put the steps in place, allowing me to make changes that not only did I not think were practical, but also changes that I didn’t think were possible!

About the coach

As a personal development coach, Kenny helps men (and women) achieve their life, relationship & career goals. Kenny sees private clients, run men’s groups in London & online, and trains men’s group facilitators. He’s also a business consultant, specialising in assisting management and owners to resolve interpersonal issues, especially in family run businesses.


Kenny’s incredible life journey has taken him from refugee camps, through overcoming OCD and mental health issues, to working with Mother Teresa and becoming one of the UK’s leading men’s personal development consultants.


He loves helping both men and women gain the awareness and tools to consciously embody their potential and meet all of life's challenges.

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