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Have you been contemplating about pursuing a new career path but just don't know how and what to? Perhaps a new job that excites you so much? Life is short, never settle for a life that's less than what you are capable of living.  If you don't know how to kick start a career change, working with a coach may help you find the first step! Trives connect you with exceptional career coaches who have a track record of helping individuals making successful career moves. Scroll down to see all coaches.

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Accelerate your career and live a more fulfilling life doing what you love.

Connect only with coaches that have excellent experiences in facilitating great outcomes.

Pay as you go. No need to contract. You are in control.

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Vix can help you get unstuck and live balanced and fulfilled lives.

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Kenny can help you achieve your life & career goals.

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Lindsey can help you overcome imposter syndrome & excel in careers.

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Rhiannon can help you develop your career and maximise opportunities.

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Naima can help you make connection, improve wellbeing & alignment in life.

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Marie can help you create the lifestyle and career that you want to have

Need more time to think it over?

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Amina specialises in supporting emerging and established leaders to change the world with less stress and more joy.

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